What is body fat percentage and how to lose belly fat?

How to lose belly fat?

Being obese can be the first sign of your not-so-healthy life and can really invite chronic diseases. So you should always take the excessive fat issue seriously. Now, when it comes to body fat, the first common question arises is- how to lose belly fat?Belly fat

 But before we jump into that particular topic, we must know about the fundamental things about fat.

  • People make a common mistake because they just try the random diet to lose fat before knowing or researching the fat facts. First of all, you must know your body fat percentage.  If you are not aware of this phrase, then do not worry, just read on to know more.

What is body fat percentage? 

Now, what is body fat percentage! Body fat every so often gets a bad reputation, but it aids a significant purpose.

  • Your body stocks the fat from the foodstuffs you eat that can be used for insulation, energy, and defense.
  • Everybody needs some fat to survive and function. When too many body fat amasses, however, it can cause obesity and obesity-related ailments, such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Understanding how much body fat you have isn't certainly as easy as stepping on a scale.

Diet log book A physically fit person and a plump person may be a similar weight, but they have very different body fat percentages.

That is why you need to know your body fat percentage before jumping into some random diet. Cutting out the fat without being aware of body fat percentage can be perilous.

You can start feeling tired, drowsy, or may fail to do regular chores. You will feel constant fatigue without understanding the reason. Fat can be considered as a kind of energy core of our body.

 What people are called skinny fat?

Another important thing you should know is skinny fat. Let me elucidate this entire skinny fat thing.

  • Despite your frame, some people can put away more food than most obese people out there.
  • The term skinny fat—pathologically known as metabolically obese but within a standard weight range for a height—a coinage used to define people who look fit and excellent on the outside, however, due to a lack of workout or poor diet, have numerous of health problems brewing underneath it.

Skinny woman So someone can look healthy, or even skinny, with an average body mass index or BMI. 

But upon more assessment, they fall prey to the same diagnostic indicators of cholesterol, high blood sugar, high triglycerides, inflammation, and high blood pressure due to the skinny fat.

 What's trans fat mean?

Before you cut down on your high fat foods, there's another thing you need to be aware of is trans fat.

  • Trans fats or you can also call it trans-fatty acids, are a type of unsaturated fat. They can be accumulated form in both artificial and natural ways.
  • Natural trans fats can be found in ruminant animals' dairy and meat, like sheep, cattle, and goats.

Junk Source of Trans Fat They form organically when microorganisms in these animals' abdomens digest grass.

So, dairy and meat consumers needn't be alarmed. Some evaluations have resolved that a restrained intake of these fats does not seem harmful. However, artificial trans fat are hazardous to your health.

Artificial trans fats may advance your risk of cardiovascular disease. Excessive trans fat can affect your body cholesterol level.

What foods burn fat and fat burning capsules? 

After the proper evaluation of your current diet, your BMI, and body fat percentage, if you still are a victim of excess fat, then you may consider modifying your diet and include a few foods that burn fat.

  • Burning fat through a diet and in an organic way is far more helpful and healthy than using random fat burning capsules. First of all, most of them are not that effective. And secondly, they do have their own side effects, which may worsen your overall health condition. So it is better to talk about Fat burning foods.

Salmon omega 3  Your first option can be fatty fishes like Salmon, Sardines, and Mackerel, etc.

They are really high in Omega-3 fatty acids, which is good for heart health and famed for aiding fat loss.

Now, when it comes to foods that burn fat, not mentioning coffee would be a crime.

  • Caffeine is known for making you more active, and it increases metabolic rate. Researches have shown that coffee is also a fat burning food.

If you want to know an incredible nutrition powerhouse food that burns fat as well, then that food is-egg. An egg is indeed a killer weight loss food that actually protects your heart.

  • Here are a few more fat burning foods that you can include in your daily diet- coconut oil, Green Tea, Apple Cider Vinegar, Oolong Tea, and Olive Oil, etc. Well, this list can be much longer than this. But this suffices for a beginner.


Here, we tried our best to elaborately discuss the benefits of fat, a few facts related to the fat that you must know, and lastly some fat burning foods.

  • But if you are already suffering from certain chronic diseases like heart condition, diabetes, or allergies, then consulting with your doctor is always recommended.

Diabetes Sugar

 Eliminating excessive fat from the body or just willing to have a flat belly is a noble thought, but, when it comes to a healthy life.

  • But avoiding fat altogether can lead to malnutrition. Weight loss or fat loss is not an overnight game. You need to maintain your nutritional balance and stay healthy at the same time. So, take the right approach and start shedding some fat.


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